There are countless varieties of humulus lupulus and many are specific to a country, continent or hemisphere. There are also new varieties being created at a rapid pace. These new varieties are more disease resistant, higher yielding and geared toward the large industrial brewers. There will always be a place for the organic grower of fine hops and that is what is all about.

The varieties of hops were selected to have a blend of high and low alpha acid contents and to include some noble hops as well. Of course, the bulk of the hop varieties are U.S. in origin, with a few important selections from overseas. There is also some interest in acquiring a few varieties from the land down under...Australia/New Zealand. varieties
Name Origin Alpha Acid %
CascadeU.S.4.5 - 6%
CentennialU.S.9.5 - 11.5%
ChinookU.S.12 - 14%
FugglesEngland4 - 5.5%
HallertauerGermany3.5 - 5.5%
HorizonU.S.11 - 13%
Kent GoldingsEngland4 - 5.5%
LibertyU.S.3 - 5%
Mount HoodU.S.5 - 8
Northern BrewerEngland8 - 10
NuggetU.S.12 - 14%
SantiamU.S.5 - 7%
SterlingU.S.6 - 9%
TettnangerGermany3.5 - 5.5%
WillametteU.S.4 - 6%
YakimaU.S.4 - 5%